Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Refractory..Treatment Resistant Depression

Is there anybody out there who has fell victim to modern day psychiatry? What I mean by that is today's phychiatrists seem to spend 10-15 minutes with you once a month and diagnose a mental condition that may or may not exist by prescribing medications. If (and that's a big IF) a particular medication works then I'm happy for you. But if the med doesn't work then they try changing the med or prescribe add-ons in attempt to relieve the symptoms of the condition. Once the Dr. exhausts his/her trial and error technique and you don't feel any better then they just recommend another Dr.

I have been on 15 different antidepressants (not at the same time), 20 sessions of ECT, 5 psychiatrists, and 2 therapists. None of it works!

To make a long story short..about 7 years ago I had random bouts of unexplained fatigue. My general Dr. prescribed Citalapram which seemed to work OK, but never really got rid of the fatigue. From there he recommended a Psychiatrist who in turn started the whirlwind of trial and error meds. Which landed me in the mental hospital. Another Psychiatrist, 20 ECT treatments and more trial and error meds has resulted in no real improvement.

I am now taking my psychiatry into my hands because I know enough now to do trial and error experiments on my own.

I have a lot of information to share, but would like to know first if there are others out there who are in a similar situation and willing to share.

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