Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chapter 2 - Frankenstein - October 2007 Through October 2010

In October 2007 is when I joined the ranks of seeing a psychiatrist. I remember filling out a questionnaire in the office lobby and then directly went to visit the doctor. I am skeptical that the questionnaire was even looked at as he took no time at all to prescribe me Effexor (150mg).

I have maintained a daily rating scale, of how I feel, since this all began and up until now I was averaging in the low 90% (100% = I feel perfect). The low 90's is not to bad right? As soon as I went on Effexor the daily scale began to drop into the low 70's. What is the psychiatrist solution to this? Up the dosage, of course, and when that doesn't work let's try some add-ons. Don't deviate from Effexor though because that might interrupt any kick-backs being received from the pharmaceutical company!

Here is my trip through Effexor and various add-ons with "how I felt" off to the side.
Effexor 150mg = 75%
Effexor 225mg = 83%
Effexor 300mg = 82%
Effexor 150mg + Lamictal 50mg = 88%
Effexor 150mg + Lamictal 100mg = 89%
Effexor 150mg + Lamictal 150mg = 90%
Effexor 150mg + Lamictal 200mg = 88%
Effexor 150mg + Lamictal 50mg = 88%
Effexor 150mg + Resperidone 1mg = 88%
Effexor 150mg + Depakote 500mg = 87%
Effexor 150mg + Depakote 750mg = 80%
Effexor 150mg + Depakote 1000mg = 87%
Effexor 150mg + Depakote 1500mg = 86%
Effexor 150mg + Geodon 40mg = 67%
Effexor 150mg + Seroquel 50mg = 70%
Effexor 150mg + Seroquel 100mg = 75%
Effexor 150mg + Seroquel 150mg = 70%
Effexor 150mg + Oxcarbazepine 450mg = 70%
Effexor 150mg + Nortriptylin 450mg = 80%

Looking back at this data is where I have realized that the psychiatrist, who I tagged Frankenstein, was just trying different stuff on me. With a mentality of well that medication didn't work let's try something else. His experiments were based on what works for others (most of the time) will certainly work for me. Wouldn't it have been novel to actually try and figure out WHY certain medications were not working instead of using me as a human pin cushion?

I realize that trying different types of medications (SSRI's, SNRI's, anti convulsants, atypical anti psychotics, tetracyclics, atypical/norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibition, etc.) is one way to try and figure out what works. But, this back door approach where I am the test subject just really pisses me off! Never once was there a blood test done to actually determine if I am deficient or over producing some needed chemical.

The next crazy psychiatry trial was to stop Effexor and introduce Symbyax. Here is where it starts getting really interesting.


snoobyy said...

thats uhh... interesting >_>

Kicking Rocks said...

sounds like alot of medication

Anonymous said...

All these percentages hurt my brain =(

Inside Journalism said...

Wow, I can't believe you stuck with him after he used you like that. Looking forward to coming posts.


linkszee said...

I hate how they just keep prescribing stuff and wait for results like people are just a big experiment. Im on lamictal after going through similar trials, it was really annoying.

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